Car Tuning

Modern drivers are rarely satisfied with the potential that their car shows.Always want more power, more horsepower under the accelerator pedal.And it's not just about the thrill of the trip, but also about the safety of driving, because it's much easier to drive a powerful car, the driver gets more confidence, can make quick overtaking and other maneuvers.

According to the reasons, the popularity among car owners is enjoyed by programs for tuning cars and increasing the power of the power unit.This is a fairly simple and fast way to change the engine settings and pump out the maximum possible forces from it.With the help of such a program without hardware intervention, we get the result in increasing the power.

The main features of engine tuning at the software level

This option to increase the power of the car is most common among car owners.It is very cheap, does not require the purchase of expensive parts and their long installation on the car service.You just come to the company that provides such services, order the installation of the selected program and give the car for an hour to the master.

In the process of changing the factory settings, professionals connect to the on-board computer, evaluate the current software and make it a saved copy.After that, a new program is being poured in, which is designed to increase the car's power.The successful outcome of such a program will be the following:

  • engine power increases by 10-30%, adding horses at the same level of speed;
  • fuel consumption increases in proportion to the increase in the number of horsepower;
  • the engine runs smoothly at idle with a slightly elevated mode;
  • in the power unit there is sport behavior, which gives more freedom when traveling;
  • the engine works elastically, gently recovers and correctly dumps them.

If at least one of these points is not true, you will have to change the program or return the factory settings.It is necessary to save the program that is on your on-board computer at the moment, otherwise you can end up with an inoperative firmware and get a lack of working capacity of the machine.

Trust the work with software tuning engine can only specialists.Any interventions that can harm your car, they will do it, so do not allow unproven people to go to your transport.It is better to overpay for this kind of tuning rather than not getting a good result.

What are the dangers in the software increase in engine power?

Minuses and dangers in the process of intervention in the computer configuration of the power unit is quite a lot.To start with, if there are unrestricted opportunities to increase the power of the power unit programmatically, the manufacturer would have done it.This step would allow selling the power unit more expensive.

Therefore, even in the best program for tuning there will be certain shortcomings.You should always count on a reasonable increase in power.If the tuning center offers to make a monster of 150 horses out of your 80-horsepower unit, it's better to refuse right away - you will be left without a car in the near future.The main problems and problems with software tuning are the following:

  • too active increase in power of the power unit and excessive wear of the engine;
  • increase fuel consumption by two or more times due to poor-quality settings;
  • violation of the gearbox with the engine in normal modes;
  • the need to rework the suspension, steering due to excessive loads;
  • too frequent replacement of lubricants in the main units.

In any case, the wear of the engine rises.If your car is raised from 90 to 105 horsepower, this tuning will take about 20 percent of the service capacity of the unit.This will cause early overhaul and subsequent problems with the unit.By the way, this particular feature should be paid attention when buying a used car.

Often, car sellers in the secondary market conceal the need to perform major engine repairs, as well as increased wear of the metal parts of the power unit due to tuning.But the machine with a huge amount of horsepower will find its buyer very quickly.Do not fall for such a trap.

On which engines can I perform software tuning?

Initially, we recommend intervening in the factory settings of the car only if you do not feel too sorry for the car.The most popular in this aspect today use cars of domestic production, because their only truly powerful place is the engine.With the help of professional chip-tuning you can achieve good results:

  • get more power at the same expense;
  • optimize the operation of the unit, than did not do at the plant;
  • improve the dynamic characteristics of the machine without the need for alterations;
  • increase the potential of the engine;
  • force the unit to give all 100% of its efficiency.

Agree, such consequences of working with software will be quite acceptable for you.But if the engine of your car is designed by German or Japanese engineers, trying to increase the power of the power unit will be the beginning of the end for this costly unit of your car.The power and fuel consumption in such units are optimized to the full, and the potential can be increased by the only way - by increasing the volume of the cylinders.But there is no such possibility in modern units, because the walls of the cylinder block are too thin for boring.

Summing up

The more your desire to get more power from the car, the more positive the arguments of the software tuning you will find.But do not forget that this procedure can damage the engine and cause some problems with the car.So it is worth considering two rules for doing this procedure - trust the work of professionals and do not perform tuning on modern charged cars.

Also, remember that you need to leave the ability to return to the factory settings when performing tuning.Otherwise, you have to go to the official service station and pay a lot of money for the return of the desired program.Do you have any experience installing programs to increase the power of the power unit?